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Exam Date:- 04-01-2020

Timing:-  2.00 To 4:15 For Both (Tissnet and Tissmat)

Center: Don Bosco kurla

  1. Jasmit tata set four grand goal for mself which of the following was the only one that become a reality during his time          Ans:- cotton mill
  2. Bill gates and warren buffett spend a shift working together in a fast food joint where did they work?            Ans:- Dairy Queen
  3. This terms was coined in 2011 from a project in high-tech strategy of the German government to promote the computerization of many a country, the terms was made public in the sane years at the hannover fair. What was name of the terms ?
  4. Which company was selected by Niti ayog to setup india first digital capability center.        Ans:- McKinsey & Company
  5. Which tech giant has launched k2 transformation framework to facilitate digital transformation of school in india.    Ans:- Microsoft
  6. This model was prevalent as far back as the 15th century but become most prominent in the 17th and 18th centuries it was used in English and America textile industries in shoemaking, lock making trades until the mid 19th century subsequently known as putting out systems , what is concept called ?                    i- Outsourcing    ii- Work from home        iii- moanlyhting                v-Flex-time
  7. If the value of the marginal product of labor exceeds the wage then employing another worker          Ans:- profits will increase if the worker is hired
  8. What was the theme of the world day againest child labour 2019 ?     Ans:- 'Children shouldn't work in fields, but on dreams!
  9. limited liability describes a situation where         Ans:-  option not remember
  10. which is the first company to list commercial papers        Ans:- Aditya Birla Finance Limited
  11. Which beverage is titled after a digestive enzyme found in human body       Ans:- Pepsi
  12. Which is the highest ranked indian company in the forbes world's best regarded companies list 2019?     Ans: Infosys
  13. Edward bellamy the science fiction writer in his novel looking backward in 1888 first proposed the idea of a payment card which innovative is the this that he predicated        Ans:-  option not remember
  14. Which of the following is an instance of new market formation      Ans:- option not remember
  15. which insurance company has introduced a video life certificate feature Ans:-   HDFC Life