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Exam Date:- 04-01-2020

Timing:-  2.00 To 4:15 For Both (Tissnet and Tissmat)

Center: Don Bosco kurla

TISSNET GK and Current Affairs

  1. Who is considered as the father of Indian self government?          Ans:- Lord Ripon
  2. The organization was founded in 1935.It was uses the success of the general agreement on tariffs and trade establishment in 1947. Which is this organization?   Ans:- WTO
  3. The gross national happiness index is a philosophy that guides the government of which country?     Ans: Bhutan
  4. Who among the following was the first Rajiv Gandhi khel Ratna award?            Ans: Vishwanathan Anand
  5. Which two chemical element of gaseous compound are primarily responsible for the breakdown of earth ozone layer?   Ans: Chlorofluorocarbons  (chlorine and bromine)
  6. Expulsion of the candidates from his /her political party after contestation from a seat can lead to _____ of the candidate from the house      Ans:- Defection
  7. As per census 2011 the population census which are the states with higest elderly percentage population in India     Ans:- Kerala, Goa, TamilNadu
  8. India first manned machine to space is named              Ans:- Gaganyaan
  9. The 2019 annual un climate conference (cop 25) took place in ____.     Ans:- Madrid
  10. Who among these is the youngest prime minister of any country in the world today? Ans:- Sanna Marin
  11. Find the odd on out.  i-Kiran majumdar show, ii- Vandana Lauthra , iii- Arundhati Bhattacharya  Ans- 4th
  12. Which among these is not one of small and medium enterprise cluster in as recognized by minister of micro, small and medium enterprises     Ans:-Baroda
  13. The Indian railway has indigenously designed and manufactured a high speed locomotive with top 180/kmp in which locomotive workshop has it been build    Ans:- Chittaranjan Locomotive Works
  14. In context with the State Employment Guarantee Council,                                                                              
  1. State Employment Guarantee Council is a statutory body established through a legislation by the state assembly
  2. The annual report of the State Employment Guarantee Council is submitted to the legislative assembly of the state

           Which among the above statements is/ are correct? –

  1. The word “Agricultural shot”  is used in which sport ?    Ans:-Cricket
  2. The sagarmala project of the ministry of shipping seeks to make logistics efficient by______      Ans: Interlinking Port
  3. In which india state is Araku valley located ?  Ans:- Andhra Pradesh
  4. HTML  Stand For__ ?    Ans:- Hypertext Markup Language
  5. Who is the current chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission      Ans:- Justice H. L. Dattu
  6. Which arctic animals do many scientists consider most vulnerable to extinction due to global worming ?  .          Ans:-Bear
  7. Identify the personality who said this "The best way to find youself in the services of othets"    Ans:- Mahatma Gandhi
  8. As per the latest available statistics which country emits the most greenhouse gases in the world?     Ans: China
  9. According to the dynamic groundwater resources of india 2017 report which state has the higest ground water recharge    Ans:- Haryana
  10. The Hindi film “Margarita with a straw” inspired by the real life story of malini chib was directed by___.    Ans:- Shonali Bose
  11. Consider the following observations about the new concept called “Virtual Water”: 
    i- A country which exports more food is likely to consume more Virtual water     
    ii- Virtual Water has no direct relations with the Real water   
    iii  Virtual water has major impacts on global trade policy 
    Which among the above statements is/ are correct?
  12. Which of the following is not a considered a major pollutant in aquatic environments ?     Ans:- Sulfur dioxide
  13. In which year was 26 January first proclaimed as independence day ?       Ans: 1930
  14. Which state government has launched immunisation campaign against filarial Ans: Uttar Pradesh
  15. The constitutional 71st amendment act 1992 amended the  eight schedule to include three Languages namely Kokni,Meitei and________     Ans:- Nepali
  16. The ministry of health and Family welfares’ scheme ayushman bharat subsumed is the fillowing schem(s) .       Ans: Senior Citizen Health Insurance Scheme
  17. Gerneal election were held in india april-may 2019 constitute the________Lokshabha.           Ans: 17
  18. India union territories with legislature included_____. Ans:- Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir, and Puducherry
  19. National initiative for school heads' and teachers' holistic advancement (nishtha) seek to achive the following outcome except    Not remember right answer
  20. The author of the book the uninhabitable world published in 2019 is- Ans:- David Wallace-Wells
  21. The world largest multipurpose underground pumping station kaleshwaram lift irrigation project is located in which sta   Ans:- Telangana
  22. How many red balls are used in fame in the game of snooker         Ans:- 15 red balls
  23. Who propounded the theory of economic drain of india during british imperialism ?          Ans:- Dadabhai Naoroji's
  24. The lunar rover deployed in chandrayan-2 was named__    Ans:- Pragyan
  25. SDG 17 is about strengthening the "means of implementation" and revitalizing the global partnership for realizing all the goals. Which of following is not part of SDG 17. Not remember right answer
  26. Find the odd one out__ i- Jwala Gutta   ii- Saina Nehwal   iii- Ashwini Nachappa   iv-  P. V. Sindhu