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Exam Date:- 20-02-2021

Timing:-  2.00 PM To 3:40 PM



1-  Drishyam hindi movie release in 2015 was originally made in which Indian language ?

      Ans: Malayalam


2- An Epidemic Is ?

   Ans: A disease that affects a large number of people within a community, population, or region.


3- Indian social reformer also known as the father of modern India?

  Ans: Raja Ram Mohan Roy

(From Manoeuvre Content: social religious reform movement in General studies Book page no 11)


4- Greenhouse gases prevent release of heat in the_____?

  Ans: atmosphere

  (Discussed in classroom lectures regarding ozone)


5- Find the odd (S. H. Raza,   M.F hussain,  Pannalal Ghosh, Raja Ram Varma)

  Ans: Pannalal Ghosh

  (Discussed in classroom lectures)


6- Economic package scheme name for poor to fight coronavirus pandemic & lockdown

  Ans: Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Scheme.

  (2000 Important CA Question no-1069) and also discuss in weekly current affairs) 


7- Which hill ranges is dominated by the ‘doddabetta’ peak

  Ans: Nilgiri Mountains

  (‘doddabetta’ covered in 1000  imp static GK, question no-682)


8- Which musical instrument is Anuradha pal associates with

  Ans: Tabla


9- who won the First sahitya akademi award 2020 english literature?

  Ans: R.K.Narayan

(Discussed in classroom lectures regarding The Sahitya Akademi Award with special focus Awards and Honours)


10- Find the odd (Sanna Mirella Marin , Jacinda Ardern, k. k. Shailaja, Tsai ing wen)

  Ans: k. k. Shailaja


11- Name the state with highest percentage of scheduled tribe population in India?

  Ans: Mizoram

  (Discussed in classroom lectures Census of India 2011)


12- Not a session at loksabha ?( Budget session, Monsoon session, Winter session, Summer season)

  Ans: Summer season

  (From Manoeuvre General studies Book page no 31 in Indian polity Section)


13- In which country chess is originated?

  Ans: India


14- Which was the first Indian movie enter for Oscar 2020?

  Ans: Jallikattu


15- Uday scheme implemented by the india govt since 2015 seek to what?

  Ans: Financial turnaround of the power distribution.


16- Manu bhaker won gold in the 2018 youth Olympic games in____.

  Ans:10m Air Pistol

  (2000 Important CA Question no-440)


17- The book a promised land author by______

  Ans: Barack Obama

  (2000 Important CA Question no-1702, and also discussed in weekly current affairs )


18- Which of the following is an inactivated vaccine or a vaccine developed using a dead virous


19- the main theme of economic survey 2020-21

  Ans: "Saving Lives and Livelihoods“


20- Who among the following is said to have drafted the us declaration of independence with four others

  Ans: John Adams


21- Which among the following Indian freedom movements started with breaking the salt law

  Ans: The Dandi March

(discussed multiple places-  In static GK imp 1000 question, General studies Book page no 12, in class room lecture also)


22- Who is the current secretary general of the united nations

  Ans: António Guterres

  ( Most of the time in weekly current affairs lecture and important organisations and their headquarters lecture)


23- Who was the commander of the air india plane that flew over north pole in jan 2021 with an all-women cockpit crew.

  Ans: Zoya Agarwal


24- Second largest ocean in the world

  Ans: Atlantic Ocean

  (Manoeuvre geography handout-page no-13 and General study book page no-59 Details information about ocean)


25- Black revolution in India is concept is related to

  Ans: Ethanol and Biodiesel.

  (Discussed in details about all revolution in  Geography class room lecture )


26- who was the first Indian woman to be elected as president of united nations general assembly

  Ans: Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit

   (General studies Book page no 106)


27- Identify the current lok sabha speaker

  Ans: Om Birla

  (discussed multiple in weekly current affairs lecture)


28- Which Indian lunar probe found water on the moon?

  Ans: Chandrayaan-1


29- Which of the following is/are not an objective (s) of sustainable development?

  Ans: Kindly type in comment


30- The year 2021 mark the______ death anniversary of mahatma Gandhi

  Ans: 73rd

  (in January Monthly  its given)


31- What kind of product was manufactured by the union carbide plant in Bhopal India

  Ans: Pesticides


32- In which place in Nagaland was decisive battle of the world war II fought

  Ans: Kohima


33- Which was the first book to set the stage for society to change in becoming more environmentally aware?

  Ans: Silent Spring


34- The Nobel peace prize 2020 is awarded to

  Ans: World Food Programme

  (Discussed in details about all Nobel Prize in class room lecture and  2000 imp CA Question, Q No- 1826)


35- Name country generates all its electricity using renewable energy?

  Ans: Iceland

36- Which is the state /UT to become the first “har gar jal” state in India

  Ans: Goa


37- Bhitarkanika national park is situated in which state of india?

  Ans: Odisha

 ( Manoeuvre Handout-Imp National Park-Page no-6)


38- ICMR to conduct nationwide sero survey , Will involve  the testing of ____

  Ans: Blood Serum test


39- India’s decision to find COVID-19 vaccine to neighbouring country is being done under the

  Ans: ’Vaccine Maitri’


40- Which of the following wrestler was awarded the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award 2020 ?

    Ans: Vinesh Phogat

  (Details Discussed in weekly current affairs and imp sports award lecture)